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Zonta International Bylaws require each area to hold at least one meeting annually, preferably during the months of March, April or May, to promote the Objects and programs of Zonta International. At the option of the district, area meetings are permitted to set area dues and/or elect the area director and/or vice area director. Each club in that area shall be entitled to one delegate and one alternate. If as of the date specified by the district for the payment of district dues, the membership of any club exceeds thirty (30) members, the club shall be entitled to a second delegate and alternate. If the membership exceeds sixty (60) members, the club shall be entitled to a third delegate and alternate. A member of the district board shall not be a club delegate or alternate.

Area meetings are essentially planning and training seminars and should provide club officers, directors, committee chairmen and members useful information on their responsibilities, Zonta International and district programs, and practical suggestions for club programs and projects. All Zontians should be encouraged to attend, particularly new members.

Area meetings are hosted by a club in the area and are generally one-day events with a luncheon included, and should be scheduled for a day of the week that is not a work day for most members. The area director is primarily responsible for planning the meeting, with the assistance of the vice area director and other members of the district board and of the host club. The governor may direct that all area meetings cover the same subjects. The format may vary from area to area. The presiding area director reports to the district board following the area meeting. The governor or her/his designee attends the meeting.

It is recommended that area meetings be fully supported by a registration fee, which includes the cost of the luncheon. The fee does not include costs of the registration fee, travel or accommodation expenses of the presiding area director and the governor (or her/his designee); these expenses should be paid by the district. Overnight accommodations for members attending the meeting are not included in the registration fee.

RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE AREA DIRECTORSelects a date and a host club for the meeting in cooperation with the governor.

  • Meets with the host club to:
  • View the facility.
  • Check for necessary equipment.
  • Determine the registration fee.
  • Assist with budget preparation (as noted above, the area meeting should be selfsupporting).
  • Inform the host club of overnight accommodation needs.
  • Prepares the agenda for the meeting, remembering to:
    • Utilize knowledgeable Zontians as session leaders, including the district foundation ambassadors.
    • Prepare materials to be handed out, including a meeting evaluation form. Utilize information from the district and from Zonta International.
  • Issues a call to the area meeting in cooperation with the host club which includes:
    • Date
    • Location
    • Name of the host club and contact information
    • Agenda
    • Information on workshops, speakers, etc.
    • Registration information, including cost
    • registration form
    • Accommodations information, including cost

Note: In some districts, the call is sent to all members of the area; in others, it is sent only to club presidents. In either event, the date of the meeting should be publicized well in advance and the call should be sent as early as feasible and should be posted on the district website.

Reports to the district board about the meeting (see suggested Area Meeting Report at the end of this section).


  • Arranges for
    • A meeting place
    • Meeting room and seating arrangements
    • Equipment, e.g. appropriate AV equipment, microphones, lecterns or podiums
    • Registration table
    • Hospitality table where refreshments may be served during breaks
    • The club president to welcome members to the meeting
    • Hotel lodging for the area director, governor (or her/his designee), and any other district officers as requested
  • Prepares a budget in cooperation with the area director that includes:
    • The costs of facility and equipment rental
    • Meal costs, including tax and gratuity
    • Printing costs for the program and other materials
  • Appoints
    • Finance chairman (usually the club treasurer)
    • Registration chairman, who collects registrations and fees
  • Prepares and mails
    • Call to meeting to area clubs (or all members in area, see above) and other guests as requested by the area director
  • Submits

A financial report to the area director

Zonta International District 25 Present & Past District Governors


The Zonta International Bylaws require districts to make certain decisions, i.e., to specify the amount of district dues, specify the date by which the clubs are required to pay district dues, and specify a parliamentary authority whose rules shall govern the district in cases in which they are not inconsistent with the Zonta International Bylaws and Rules of Procedure or the rules of procedure adopted by the district. These decisions should be reflected in the district rules of procedure.

The Zonta International Bylaws provide that districts have the option to decide whether there shall be vice area directors and whether area directors shall be elected at area meetings. These decisions should also be reflected in the district rules of procedure.

District rules of procedure should specify if the district financial records shall be audited, reviewed or compiled (Zonta International Bylaws Article XIII, Districts, Section 12. Financial Oversight).

In addition, district rules of procedure may address other matters; for example, they may provide for committees in addition to those required by the Zonta International Bylaws, establish procedures for matters such as selection of a site for district conferences or specify the amount the district will reimburse the governor for attending the international convention.

The rules of procedure should also specify the procedure required to amend them. The Zonta International Bylaws require notice of proposed changes affecting the district to be sent to club presidents at least sixty (60) days before the conference, and the rules of procedure should provide for this notice, state that they can be amended only by a vote at a conference or by a mail ballot (following the provisions of the Zonta International Bylaws for such balloting), and specify the vote required to amend (majority or two-thirds majority). Because the rules of procedure should contain the most basic rules for operating the district, they should not be amended lightly, and a two-thirds majority for amendment (the same as that required for amending the Zonta International Bylaws) is therefore recommended.

Following the suggested rules of procedure below are some suggestions for reimbursement guidelines, i.e., provisions that specify the minor expenses for which the district will reimburse district officers, committee chairmen and others who spend money on behalf of the district. The reimbursement guidelines should be more easily amended than the rules of procedure (therefore it is suggested that the district board have authority to amend them). Because the reimbursement guidelines are more flexible, the district rules of procedure, rather than the reimbursement guidelines, should contain provisions relating to reimbursement of substantial sums of money (such as expenses to attend the Zonta International convention).

The suggested rules of procedure and reimbursement guidelines below are only a model. Not all districts will choose to include provisions covering all these issues. Explanations or additional suggestions are in italics.

(insert date of most recent adoption here)

District              of Zonta International shall be established and governed in accordance with Article XIII of the Zonta International Bylaws and the Zonta International Rules of Procedure. To the extent consistent with Zonta International Rules and Procedures, the following Rules will constitute standard operating procedure.

  1. There shall be a vice area director for area(s)   , (insert area number(s)). The vice area director(s) shall be elected by the clubs in the area.
  2. (If area directors are to be elected at the area meeting immediately prior to the convention, insert such a provision)
  3. The district board shall meet at least (number) times each year.
  4. District dues and fees shall be determined by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the voting members present and voting at a district conference. On (date) of each year, each club shall pay to Zonta International District (district number) (amount) per capita dues based upon the number of members in the club as of (date). (The district may wish to provide that members who join in the second six months of the fiscal year pay one-half the district dues for that year.)
  5. The district treasurer shall use fund accounting to keep the general operating funds and the conference funds. The treasurer shall use money market checking, savings accounts, certificates of deposits, or other appropriate money management techniques to maximize earnings on district funds. (This provision is appropriate if the district maintains more than one fund, e.g., a separate operating fund, conference fund, others.)
  6. The district board shall take action annually to determine the use and disposition of interest earned from district operating and conference funds, even if the decision is to allow the interest to accrue in those respective funds.
  7. The governor shall approve the expenses of other district board members and district committee members. (This provision reflects one of the governor’s duties as stated in the Zonta International Bylaws. The district may wish to provide that the lieutenant governor shall approve the expenses of the governor.)
  8. Expenses to be paid from district general operating funds are defined in the Zonta International District                    Reimbursement Guidelines. The Reimbursement Guidelines may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the district board.
  9. The international convention expenses of                                   ,                       , (e.g.,

registration, banquet, other convention meals, transportation, and/or hotel) for                         ,                              , (e.g., the outgoing governor, incoming governor, perhaps some other district officers. The district may be able to provide full reimbursement for the outgoing governor and partial reimbursement for the incoming governor, for example.) will be paid from district funds.

  1. (Other provisions regarding reimbursement for convention expenses could also be included; for example, subsidies for delegates if the district provides them.)
  2. The district shall hold                    (specify number) district conference(s) per biennium. (If the district conducts one conference per biennium and also conducts other district-wide events, provision for such events should be inserted here.)
  3. The biennial district budget shall be presented for approval at the conference immediately preceding the biennium in which the budget is to become effective.
  4. The district financial records shall be _______ (audited, reviewed or compiled) by _______ (certified/chartered public accountants or by a qualified individual independent of the district board).
  5. A registration fee should be charged to each individual member who attends the district conference. Insofar as financially feasible, the registration fee should be set only so high as to recover the cost of items that benefit only the individual who attends and do not benefit the club she/he represents. Such items include meals, favors and entertainment. (See Section 4 of this manual.)
  6. (Provisions for how to decide where and when to hold district conferences.)
  7. All previously adopted district resolutions automatically expire at the end of each district conference. If a subject is to be continued, it must be reaffirmed or newly adopted at each conference.
  8. District conference motion cards and election ballots shall be retained by the secretary for at least three (3) months, or until the minutes of the conference have been approved, whichever is longer.
  9. The district secretary, with the approval of the governor, shall prepare a summary of proceedings of the district conference, which shall be sent to each club president and to the district board members within sixty (60) days following the conference. Minutes of the proceedings will be prepared by the district secretary and approved by the district board. After approval, a copy will be available for use by clubs or other appropriate interested parties. (Or, the rules of procedure may provide that conference minutes are adopted by the voting members of the next conference. See Section 4 of this manual.)
  10. The governor may appoint a parliamentarian to serve at district conference and as needed during the biennium.
  11. The district conference chairman shall provide the district treasurer with the financial statement for the conference and all fiduciary data relating to the conference within ninety (90) days following the conference.
  12. The chairman of the district nominating committee shall request, prior to                      (specify month) of each odd-numbered year (or even-numbered year, for those districts whose election-year conference is held early in the odd-numbered year), suggestions from each club for nominees for each position to be filled by election at the succeeding district conference. Personal data forms, including consent to serve if elected, shall be submitted for each name that is suggested. The deadline for suggestions from clubs shall be        . (specify month). The committee shall screen the suggested nominees based on the recorded qualifications and on the committee’s own knowledge and judgment. The nominating committee shall prepare a slate of one or more candidates for each district office that is to be filled at that election and of five (5) nominees for the district nominating committee. No name shall be listed without the member’s consent to serve, if elected. No member of the nominating committee shall be eligible for nomination at the district and club levels of Zonta International while serving on the committee. At least sixty (60) days before the conference at which the election is to be held, the nominating committee shall send its report to each district officer and to each club in the district. At the conference, additional nominations may be made from the floor immediately after the report of the nominating committee, provided the consent of the nominee has been obtained.
  13. Campaigning Policy (available on the Zonta International website under Member Resources/Policies)
  14. (a) Zonta International Bylaws require that there shall be the following standing committees: bylaws and resolutions committee, membership committee, service committee and advocacy committee. There may be such other standing and special committees as the district board shall authorize to achieve biennial goals: finance committee, public relations and communications committee, United Nations committee, Amelia Earhart Fellowship committee, Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship committee, Young Women in Public Affairs Award committee and a Z club and Golden Z club committee.
    1. The district bylaws and resolutions committee shall review and suggest revisions to the District Rules of Procedure each biennium to ensure they do not conflict with the Zonta International Bylaws and shall investigate complaints made against officers of the district board or against a club. The committee shall follow the procedures as outlined in the Zonta International Bylaws.
    2. The district membership committee shall promote continuing membership growth: recruitment and retention in existing clubs, organization of new clubs, and programs developed by the International Membership Committee.
  • The district service committee shall coordinate, at the district level, activities to implement service programs authorized by the international convention. The committee shall also promote awareness of local service projects undertaken by clubs in the district and elsewhere, and of policies developed by the International Service

Committee following guidelines established by the Zonta International Board. iv. The district advocacy committee shall coordinate, at the district level, activities to implement legislative awareness and advocacy programs, following the guidelines established by the Zonta International Board.

  1. The district United Nations committee shall promote awareness of the United Nations, its agencies and programs, and understanding of the relationship between the United Nations and Zonta International; recognition of United Nations Day (24 October), International Women’s Day (and Zonta Rose Day, 8 March) and other international days to commemorate, including themes, years and world decades; activities developed by the International United Nations Committee, including UN-related resolutions adopted at conventions (e.g., promotion of ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and of the Optional Protocol).
  2. The district public relations and communications committee shall promote the Objects

of Zonta International and its projects and programs, awareness of Zonta clubs and their projects and programs throughout the district, awareness of international and district websites and the resources available thereon, the need for club websites, activities developed by the International Public Relations and Communications Committee, and healthy communications but adherence to the correct Zonta communication lines.

  • The district Amelia Earhart Fellowship committee shall promote at the district level, awareness of the Amelia Earhart Fellowships. The committee shall follow the guidelines established by the Zonta International Board.
  • The district Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship committee shall coordinate, at the district level, activities to promote the Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarships. The committee shall follow the guidelines established by the Zonta International Board.
  1. The district Young Women in Public Affairs Award committee shall coordinate, at the district level, activities to promote the Young Women in Public Affairs Awards. The committee shall follow the guidelines established by the Zonta International Board.
  2. The district Z clubs and Golden Z clubs committee shall coordinate, at the district level, activities to promote continuing growth by organization of new clubs and retention in existing clubs. The committee shall follow the guidelines established by the Zonta International Board.
  • The governor shall appoint the chairman and such other members of all standing and special committees as the governor deems appropriate.
  • The governor shall appoint one or more district foundation ambassador(s).
  1. Provided funds are available, the district budget may allocate funds for the use of committees. Committee chairmen shall apply to the governor for funds to carry out the work of their committees and shall submit expense vouchers for reimbursement and/or requests for advances to the governor for approval.
  2. Outgoing district officers and committee chairmen shall deliver to their successors all properties belonging to their respective official positions within thirty (30) days after their successors have been installed. The treasurer shall begin transferring responsibilities to the incoming treasurer by 1 June of the first year of the incoming treasurer’s term and must complete the transfer within thirty (45) days after the end of the treasurer’s term.
  3. Clubs shall submit the names of their officers (with addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) to the governor, lieutenant governor, district treasurer, appropriate area director and Zonta International Headquarters within thirty (30) days of election of club officers (by 1 May for clubs with officers taking office 1 June). Clubs shall submit the names of their chairmen (with addresses) to each of the district chairmen promptly after club officers are elected.
  1. These Rules of Procedure may be amended by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the district conference voting members, provided that:
    • (insert requirements deemed appropriate; may require, for example, that proposals be submitted by a club or the district board, that the board consider all proposals and make recommendations as to whether they should be adopted. In any event, it is necessary under the Zonta International Bylaws that the following provision be included.)
    • the proposed amendment has been sent to the president of each club within the district at least sixty (60) days before the conference.
  2. The rules contained in the current edition of                               , (specify parliamentary authority) shall govern Zonta International District                         in cases in which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws of Zonta International or with these Rules of Procedure.


(as of (date))

District dues    _____   per capita

District Conference assessment         _____ per capita

TOTAL:          _____ per capita

(If district provides for half of the per capita dues to be paid by members who join during the second half of the fiscal year, the amount of those dues should be shown below.) SUGGESTED REIMBURSEMENT GUIDELINES

Note: These guidelines should be reviewed and amended in light of any tax regulations.


(insert date of most recent adoption here)


Expense vouchers must be itemized and have receipts attached, except for meals as indicated below. Expenses for district conference should be itemized on separate vouchers from general expenses. Reimbursable expenses, in addition to those specified in these reimbursement guidelines, shall include telecommunication toll charges, postage, printing, supplies and typing services when incurred for the district.

District payment for hotel accommodations for district board members shall be one-half of the double occupancy rate except that the district shall pay for a single room (1) when the number of board members requiring accommodations is uneven and it is not feasible for a board member to share a room with another Zontian attending the event; and (2) for the governor at the district conference and the board meeting immediately preceding it. If a board member requests a single room, she shall pay the difference between one-half (1/2) of the double occupancy rate and the single room rate.

Miscellaneous charges (cleaning, telephone, etc.) added to hotel bills are considered personal expenses and shall not be reimbursed. Reasonable amounts for gratuities (maid, bellman, etc.) shall be allowed.

Vouchers shall be submitted to the governor for approval before any reimbursement by the treasurer.

Vouchers shall be submitted as soon as possible after the expense is incurred, with the exception of small expenses of committee chairmen, but in all cases not later than 15 May of each year to facilitate closing of the books on 31 May.

  2. Board Meeting Attendance
    1. Travel by most economical mode of transportation. Tourist class when traveling by air or rail. When traveling by private automobile, ____ per mile plus toll charges and parking. Airport limousine to hotel/meeting place to be used whenever feasible. Car rental if approved in advance by the governor.
    2. Accommodations — double occupancy basis. Single rooms may be requested with officers paying the difference in the rates.
    3. Meals —           __per day or per expense. Receipts need not be submitted for meals per day reimbursement. If per expense reimbursement receipts are needed. Allowance includes gratuity.
    4. Half of the transportation expenses, additional hotel charges if any, and all meals incurred in attending pre- and post-conference board meetings shall be charged to board meeting expenses and paid by the district treasurer.
  3. Attendance at pre- and post-conference board meetings shall be reimbursed for the district parliamentarian as outlined above. Expenses of the district parliamentarian for attendance at other board meetings as requested by the governor shall be reimbursed as outlined above.
  4. District Conference Attendance
    1. Conference registration, hotel and conference meals for district board, district parliamentarian, and international representative shall be paid by the district from conference funds.
    2. Half of the transportation expense for the district board shall be charged to the conference and paid by the district treasurer.
    3. Transportation expenses shall be reimbursed for the district parliamentarian as outlined above.
  1. Club Visits
    1. Area directors shall make (number) official visits to each club in their area each biennium. Area directors will be reimbursed for official visits as for board meetings, except that if the area director must incur hotel expense at a single occupancy rate, this rate shall be reimbursed. The cost of the area director’s meal at the official club visit shall be paid by the club being visited. It is preferred that the hostess club provides lodging, if needed, for the area director whenever possible.
    2. Additional official club visits by the area directors or visits to clubs by other officers shall be approved in advance by the governor.
    3. Visits to act as installing officer at a club’s installation program shall be reimbursed as previously outlined. The cost of the installing officer’s dinner shall be paid by the club visited.
    4. Attendance at charter presentations shall be reimbursed for the governor or her designee and for the current area director. Previous area directors may be reimbursed with prior approval by the governor.


  1. District funds available for conference expenses are provided by the conference assessment for each member.
  2. Reimbursement for conference-related expenses
    1. Reimbursement to the host club for conference (or other district-wide event if the district holds one conference per biennium and holds another event in the non-conference year, such as a district seminar) expenses other than those covered by the registration fee, such as printing and postage costs, shall be paid from the conference fund.
    2. Reimbursement to district officers for conference/governor’s event planning expenses, such as postage, telephone, and copying; and the governor’s and incoming governor’s travel expenses involved in planning the conference (or other district-wide event, see above) shall be conference expenses.

All area meetings must be self-supporting with the exception that registration fees, meals, travel and room expenses, when necessary for the sponsoring area directors and for the governor or her designee, or any others designated by the district, shall be paid from district funds.

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